Collaboration Article: Circadian organization of lipid landscape is perturbed in type 2 diabetic patients

We are very happy to annouce the publication of a study led by Prof. Charna Dibner including work that Simona performed during her sabatical year at University of Geneva, during 2020-2021. In a multi-center study, daily regulation of lipid metabolism was investigated in subcutaneous white adipose tissue (SAT) and serum of T2D patients and in non-diabetic (ND) counterparts.

Tandem mass spectrometry (MS) and liquid chromatography MS were conducted in serum and SAT samples collected in 4 consecutive time points around-the-clock from a cohort (n = 12) of ND and T2D individuals. Around 8% of ≈440 lipid metabolites detected across major lipid classes exhibited circadian rhythmicity in serum and SAT from control and T2D subjects, with the most substantial changes observed early morning. The spectrum of rhythmic lipids differed clearly between ND and T2D subjects and was tissue specific. Of note, most metabolites identified rhythmic in both serum and SAT from T2D subjects exhibited circadian phases that differed among these tissues. In serum, hexosylceramides and sphingomyelins displayed significant diurnal variations in ND or in T2D subjects only. In SAT, 1-Deoxceramide profiles were anti-phasic among T2D and ND groups, with higher levels of 1-Deoxceramide in T2D subjects in the evening. The abundance of polyunsaturated triacylglycerols and saturated diacylglycerols significantly increased and decreased respectively in T2D subjects and were significantly rhythmic in the ND, but not the T2D group.

This study reveals massive temporal and tissue-specific alterations of human lipid homeostasis in T2D, providing essential clues for the development of lipid biomarkers in a temporal manner.


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Circadian organization of lipid landscape is perturbed in type 2 diabetic patients

Authors: Flore Sinturel, Simona Chera, Marie-Claude Brulhart-Meynet, Jonathan Paz Montoya, Dirk Jan Stenvers, Peter H. Bisschop, Andries Kalsbeek, Idris Guessous, François R. Jornayvaz, Jacques Philippe, Steven A. Brown, Giovanni D’Angelo, Howard Riezman and Charna Dibner

Cell reports Medicine 2023 Nov 17:101299

DOI information: 10.1016/j.xcrm.2023.101299

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