Regenerative Strategies Module ECTS credits: 3

  • Methods in Medical Cell Biology BMED320

Animal Models Module: ECTS credits: 25


Guest lectures

2023 – Invited lecture at UE29 Tissue homeostasis, repair and regeneration Seminars, Université Côte d’Azur, France – Title: Regenerative Strategies

2021 – Invited lecture at BBB Seminars series part of BMED380 Course, UiB, Norway – Title: Mapping cell identity shifts in the adult pancreatic islet

2020 – UniGE Diabetes Center Seminar Series, UniGe, Switzerland – Title: Investigating islet cell-fate dynamic by exploiting monogenic diabetes contexts

2019 – Hybrid Technology Hub Scientific Lunch Seminar, UiO, Norway – Title: Cellular and molecular mechanisms governing islet endocrine cell fate

2018 – MED Postdoc Training Program: Research funding and grant application residential workshop – Title: Know your Career Hazards: an extremely subjective guide

2016 – Invited talk at the Department of Biotechnology, NTNU, Norway – Title: Beta Cell Regeneration

2016 – MF9120BTS: NCMM Molecular Medicine Research (national PhD-level course), Oslo, Norway


Postdoctoral fellow

2022- (expected 2025) SC Main-supervisor: TA Legøy

PhD candidates

2023- (expected 2026) SC Main-supervisor: U. Larsen

2021- (expected 2025) SC Main-supervisor: S. Sharmine

2021- (expected 2025) SC Main-supervisor: L. Unger

2020-2024 SC Main-supervisor: A.F. Mathisen

2017-2020 SC Main-supervisor: T.A. Legøy

2015-2019 SC Co-supervisor: H. Vethe

Master Students

2023-2024 Main-supervisor: Natalie Kavli

2023-2024 Main-supervisor: Ann Charlotte Farbergshagen

2023-2024 Main-supervisor: Fatemeh Sadat Rahmatabadi

2022-2023 Main-supervisor: Eilen Ravnanger

2022-2023 Main-supervisor: Md. Kaykobad Hossain

2021-2023 Main-supervisor: Amanda Friestad

2021-2023 Main-supervisor: Ulrik Larsen

2018-2019 Co-supervisor: N. Gharari (collaboration UiB-Karolinska Institute)

2018-2019 Main-supervisor: Andreas F. Mathisen

8-week Project (Master in Biomedical Sciences)

2023 Kamilla Måseide / Sigrid Skaar

2022 Marit Louise Ulvang / Anna Karisdotter Einarsen

2021 Amanda Friestad / Ulrik Larsen