Inauguration Mohn Research Center for Diabetes Precision Medicine (PRECISE-DIA)

Venue: Auditorium, Glass Blocks, Children and Youth Hospital, Bergen


Mini lunch

12.00-12.30: Coffee, finger food


12.30-12.45: Welcome and aims for PRECISE-DIA

Leader, professor Pål R. Njølstad MD PhD

Short Greetings

12.45-12.50: Rector UiB, professor Margareth Hagen PhD

12.50-12.55: Dean of Medicine, professor Per Bakke

12.55-13.00: CEO Haukeland University Hospital Eivind Hansen

13.00-13.05: CEO Trond Mohn Foundation, Sveinung Hole

13.05-13.10: Users, Norwegian Diabetes Association

13.10-13.15: Director, Children and Youth Hospital, Haukeland University Hospital, Ansgar Berg



13.15-13.30: Christian Sommerfelt, piano


Leg stretch



Scientific Part

14.00-14.30: Developmental programming of T2D – mechanisms and clinical consequences

Professor Allan Vaag, PhD, University of Copenhagen


14.30-14.45: Early growth in children and relevance for diabetes and obesity

Professor Stefan Johansson PhD, PRECISE-DIA, UiB


14.45-15.00: Using mouse models to study mechanisms of diabetes

Professor Simona Chera PhD, PRECISE-DIA, UiB and University of Geneva, Switzerland

15.00-15.15: From the Norwegian Diabetes Biobank to precision diabetes diagnostics

Professor Gunnar Mellgren MD PhD, Director of Laboratory Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital.


15.15-15.45: Use of AI in register and biobank data for improved diagnosis of diabetes and complications

Professor Valeriya Lyssenko MD PhD, PRECISE-DIA, UiB and Lund University, Sweden


15.45: Summing up and farewell

Pål R. Njølstad


More press about the Center and an interview with Pål Njølstad, the research center leader, you can read here:

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