Concise Review: Regeneration brakes – a common paradigm in biology

Our latest review on regeneration breaks in different animal models is now out for Early View. We discuss about:

  • Most attention on tissue regeneration has focused on the exploration of positive cues promoting or allowing the engagement of natural cellular restoration upon injury. In contrast, the signals fostering cell identity maintenance in the vertebrate body have been poorly investigated; yet they are crucial, for their counteraction could become a powerful method to induce and modulate regeneration.
  • The state of differentiation of a given cell is not carved in stone.
  • Cell identity, at all stages of life, is modulated by inhibitory signals from the close cellular environment. Cell identity maintenance is therefore an active process of inhibition of a natural trend to change and not an intrinsic or passive state of differentiation.
  • We reviewed the mechanisms inhibiting pro‐regenerative spontaneous adaptive cell responses in different model organisms and organs.


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Tissue repair brakes: A common paradigm in the biology of regeneration: Concise review

Authors: Cigliola V, Ghila L, Chera S, Herrera PL. Stem Cells 2019 Nov 13. PMID:31722129

DOI information: 10.1002/stem.3118.

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