K2 Department Strategy Meeting at Solstrand 2022

This year we participated to the Strategy Meeting of our Department which took place over two days (24-25 February 2022) at Solstrand, a very nice venue with great views, delicious food and good company to discuss future directions related to teaching, research, funding and new collaborative opportunities. In conclusion, economy-wise we are all preparing for difficult times ahead, however plans were made to improve the collaboration between the university and the hospital, increase external funding and improve outreach and our research visibility in the media.

I particularly enjoyed the talk of Helena Erlandsson Harris about Karolinska Institute and the Center for Molecular Medicine organisation and functionality.

I would also like to thank all the people involved in Team Building activity – we had a lot of fun during OSKE – and we are still missing some answers!

It was great to meet new people from the department and casually interact with our colleagues outside of the office hours.


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