Norwegian Centre of Excellence – SFF-V application: DIA-MEC

For the past year I was involved in building up an application for a Norwegian Centre of excellence focused on investigating distinct and overlapping diabetes mechanisms all-along different life stages.

Our initial application was selected in Phase 1 that allowed us to submit an updated and comprehensive proposal, coordinated by an excellent team of experts with extensive methodologi­cal competence in clinical medicine, genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, structural biology, stem cell biology and animal disease models.

Our proposal for Phase 2 was submitted on 20th of October and the results are expected sometime in June 2022. Fingers crossed!

For more details on our application, please READ (click) here.

Thomas Legøy (researcher) in the lab at Center for Diabetes Research. Photo: Eivind Senneset for UiB


More press regarding this application process and an interview with Pål Njølstad, application leader, you can read here:



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