Cover Art: Genes and Development December 2020 Issue

I am very happy to announce that we got the cover of the December Issue:

Thank you Miri for the immunofluorescence picture, yes – it looks like a mouse, doesn’t it!? Also, many thanks to Charna and Vlad for this great collaborative effort!

I would also like to thank to Benjamin J. Weidemann and Joseph Bass for the outlook discussing Petrenko et al.’s finding reporting a requirement for the intrinsic clock in the regenerative capacity of insulin-producing cells following genetic ablation of β cells.


Continue your reading  here:

A window in time for β-cell regeneration

Authors: Benjamin J. Weidemann and Joseph Bass Genes & Dev. 2020. 34: 1559-1561 doi: 10.1101/gad.345769.120

The core clock transcription factor BMAL1 drives circadian β-cell proliferation during compensatory regeneration of the endocrine pancreas

Authors: Volodymyr Petrenko, Miri Stolovich-Rain, Bart Vandereycken, Laurianne Giovannoni, Kai-Florian Storch, Yuval Dor, Simona Chera and Charna Dibner

Genes & Dev. 2020. 34: 1650-1665

DOI information:

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