Open call for NCMM Associate Investigators 2020

What is NCMM?

Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM) is an international biomedical research centre, with the overall objective of translating basic medical research into clinical practice. NCMM is a part of UiO’s interdiciplinary focus on life sciences. In the next 5 years, NCMM will continue to strengthen its expertise in genome medicine, rare diseases and cancer research as well as continue building resources for structural biology, high throughput screening, disease modelling, and computational medicine.

Call for NCMM Associate Investigators

Internationally known top scientists and scientific leaders at senior and early-career level, based in Norway, with a track record and research focus compatible to research at NCMM are invited to apply. The successfully affiliated group leaders will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Status as an Associated Investigator in the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine;
  • Access to a translational network and infrastructures at NCMM and in the Nordic EMBL Partnership;
  • Eligibility for seed funds for collaboration with NCMM group leaders made available by the NCMM Board;
  • Possibility of research visits and sabbaticals at NCMM;
  • Possibility of adjunct positions at NCMM for group leaders recruited via internationally open calls, using the EMBL model.

Clinicians are especially encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Applicants should submit an electronic application (max 3 pages) with an overview of research activities and opening for collaborations with NCMM, plus CV and a selected list of 10 publications  from the past 5 years. Please send the application electronically as a single PFD-file by e-mail with a subject “NCMM Associate Investigator” to

For further information, please visit the NCMM website.

The application deadline is 25 August 2020.

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