PhD thesis defense – Luis Francisco Hernández Sánchez

Monday, 28th of November 2022, Simona will lead the PhD thesis defence of Luis Francisco! The defense will take place at HUS – BB-bygget, Auditorium 4, for the meeting details please follow this link.

Trial Lecture: Monday 28. Novemver 2022 h 10.15

Proposed Subject:  “Protein isoforms and post-translational modifications in disease pathogenesis and treatment”

Thesis defense:  Monday 28. November 2022 h 12.15

Thesis title:  “Consequences of refining biological networks through detailed pathway information”


Main supervisor: Dr. Marc Vaudel
Co-supervisors: Professors Pål Njølstad, Stefan Johansson and Harald Barsnes

1.opponent: Associate Professor Veit Schwämmle, University of Southern Denmark

2.opponent: Assistant Professor Nadezhda Tsankova Doncheva, University of Copenhagen

3.member of the committee: Professor Anagha Joshi, University of Bergen, chair of the committee

Custos: Professor Simona Chera


The custos, who is nominated by the Faculty, is the chairman of the public examination of a dissertation and supervises the examination situation. 

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