Speaking at EASD Islet Study Group (ISG) 2020

Simona has been invited by the organizers Raphaël Scharfmann, Philippe Froguel and Gérard Gradwohlto to give a plenary talk on Islet Cell Plasticity: cellular and molecular mechanisms of islet cell fate and interconversion at this year’s EASD Islet Study Group (ISG) conference. This will be a great opportunity to introduce many to the active cell plasticity concept! https://easd-isg-2020.sciencesconf.org/

The deadline for registration is 20th of March 2020!


Image modified from our review: Cigliola V, Ghila L, Chera S, Herrera PL. Tissue repair brakes: A common paradigm in the biology of regeneration: Concise review. Stem Cells 2019 Nov 13. PMID:31722129doi: 10.1002/stem.3118


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