Research position available

One temporary short-term position is now available!

The project aims to develop and employ (i) an innovative in vivo system allowing the differentiation, monitoring, retrieval, characterization and modulation of MODY-iPSC-derived β-cells; (ii) methods for characterizing the cellular processes and molecular mechanisms from different stages of the MODY-iPSC-derived β-cell gradual failure; (iii) tools for monitoring the influence of age and aging on monogenic diabetes onset.

We approach these aims using a wide variety of techniques, such as histological analyses, murine models, cell cultures (iPSC and differentiating stem cells), and expression analyses (transcriptomics and proteomics). We are seeking creative and highly motivated researchers (postdoc level) with a strong interest in cellular and molecular biology as well as in acquiring wet-lab skills. Previous experience with mouse models is required.

For job application, please submit you file here:

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